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Are you still using Paper Forms? Know how you can transform and be competitive in market

Forms and checklists are still one of the essential parts of many businesses. Though we live in digital age only numbered businesses are using electronic devices or smart applications to overcome their regular forms and checklists. Other than that majority of the business is still into using Paper forms and checklist to fulfill their regular activities. This Manual process is time-consuming and comes with errors. Even few businesses have to prepare different forms or checklists for their every product quality check or for any assessment which leads to separate investment in Paper and Printing it. Feels like hearing your story out loud?

As an Industry centric solution provider, we have a permanent solution to minimize your paper cost, error-free environment, increased productivity, and centralized server to save all your documents. Yes, its all possible with The Lost Paper. It is a form builder tool where you can create n number of forms for your business just by drag and drop in your PC. Minimize all your paper forms into digital and start sharing them with your workforce’s respective mobile app. Instant approvals can be done once the form is submitted. The Lost Paper allows you to create any kind of forms with our predefined fields in the application. Do look at our Infographic and get to know more about The Lost Paper.

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